An Immortal World – a speculation

Imagine a world where nobody died and everyone was born and then lived to their prime, say, upto the age of forty and then just lived on for a zillion years. That would mean that your parents, children, siblings, friends, bosses, colleagues, society you lived in all were there to stay on… what would happen then? What would be the new paradigm in such a situation? I would be eager to know your opinion.

Most young people are oblivious to the notion of their own death or the concept of the temporary. In a way this can be refuted, for if there was no such subconscious notion, in an actual world there would be no investment in relationships, spirituality or in finances as they appear currently. Those would exist, but with a completely different take.

Your parents would never get old, might never leave a cent to you as they would need their finances to live on and on. Would you be able to adhere to all parental obligations as they are now? What about your children? How long would you nurture them? How long would they nurture you? Will we start living in the same way the birds do? Would society governance and dictates remain the same? Would financial institution sell the same products? Would relationships deepen or would each person live with altered barter systems? What about the institution of marriage? If death did not happen, would relationships carry on to eternity, or would contractual pauses be drawn just like man made calendar or currency? For the sake of argument, lets examine a scenario where the population is capped and the same people here and now just live on. Man needs structure, thats why even after zillion years we still live in a structured society. Is it a good thing that there is a natural biological pause like death? Without this eventuality, there would be no old people or children and 80% of the world would consist of people in their prime raring to go, rest would be children who will reach forty and immortalise. Would people hone into spirituality more so as to lay down definitive rules of engagement or become more selfish?

Would people navigate like loner ships all by themselves as eternity is too long to mend and even longer to harbor either good will or resentment. Would detachment grow or oneness? What is attachment in such a scenario? Is it a good thing that we will all die then? Let me know what you think.

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Colour Me Right

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Great minds discuss ideas and perspectives

Average minds discuss events

Small minds discuss people

— Roosevelt

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